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ore picMinister: Rev Tricia Williams

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Tel: 01424 733137

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18th April 2021

We are delighted to welcome to lead our third Sunday of Easter service today:

Mrs Margaret Bickerdike

The flowers today have been given by Brenda and John

remembering their dear friend David

The Lectionary readings for this Sunday are:

Acts 3:12-19 Psalm 4

1 John 3:1-7 Luke 24:36b-48

The hymns (to follow, but not sing during the service) are:

Singing the Faith No’s 293 655 710 709


Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your Name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.

Save us from the time of trial and deliver us from evil.

For the kingdom, the power and the glory are yours, now and for ever. Amen

Our service next week, 25th April, at 10.30am will be led by Mrs Dawn Novis.

Options for other Methodist services this week include:

The short act of worship for “those unable to attend worship” is posted on the church website.

The joining link for this week’s online Circuit Service led by Mr Alan Hurrell is :


If there are any final donations, please use one of the special appeal envelopes, which should be placed in the offertory box with your usual offertory gift today, 18th April please.

A service of thanksgiving for the appeal gifts from each church is planned for Sunday 16th May at Trinity Methodist Church at 4pm but the location could change in order to accommodate more people.


Please note that there will be a Church Council Meeting in two weeks’ time, after the service on 2nd May, when Tricia is next with us.


Please remember that having had the covid vaccine does not mean that you can’t catch the virus, or pass it on to someone else. So we all must continue with hand sanitising/washing, social distancing, wearing face masks/visors, as well as the pre-service cleansing procedures.

OFFICIAL UPDATE Safe use of places of worship from 12th April

Singing Indoors: – a single small group of singers will be allowed to perform, or rehearse for performance, only where essential to an act of communal worship. This should be limited to as few singers as possible, with social distancing being maintained at all times. Communal singing should not take place.

PRAYERS AND CONCERNS – this week you are invited to include in your daily prayers:

Our whole church community at St Helens.

those connected with St Helens who we know are not in the best of health or have particular need of our prayers at this time: Annette, Audrey, Brenda, Christine, Daisy, Eileen, Joyce, June, Kate and her family, Margaret, Rene, and Val.

also Joyce’s son-in-law John, little Violet (Joyce’s great grand-daughter), and all those currently suffering with the covid-19 virus, or self-isolating as a result of family infections.

all those who live within the community of Ore Village, particularly those who are thinking about the place of God in their lives.

pray also for our minister Tricia Williams, Philip Wagstaff, our Circuit Superintendent Minister, the Circuit Leadership Team.

Let your word be in our mouth, O Lord, your truth in our heart and your will in our mind. Let us think only what is good and discern your presence in all that we do. Let us at all times be alive to the promptings of your Holy Spirit; through Christ our Lord. Amen. 

Jakob Böhme (1575-1624)

O Lord of majestic mountain and roaring sea,
O Lord of astonishing beauty and outlandish loveliness,
O Lord of the minuscule, the overlooked and the never seen,
O Lord of the extraordinary and the everyday,
open our eyes to see your presence,
our ears to hear the whisper of your voice and,
realising you in every place and every moment of our existence,
may we live with justice, peace, care and hope.


Helen Kirk, Chester and Stoke-on-Trent District Chair


The answers to this week’s quiz can all be found in the book of Acts.

Once again, how many can you get right without using your Bible ? The answers will appear at the bottom of next week’s quiz.

1 – After the ascension and Pentecost, Philip met a eunuch reading from Isaiah. Which country did the eunuch come from ?

2 – Saul had stood by while Stephen had been stoned to death. To which place was he travelling when he was confronted by Jesus ?

3 – What was the name of the follower of Jesus who had a vision calling him to go to Saul to heal him so he could see again ?

4 – What was the name of the Roman centurion whose family were all baptised by Peter ?

5 – At the church in which city were Paul and Barnabas “set apart” to go and preach to the Gentiles ?

6 – After returning from the first missionary journey, Paul and Barnabas had a disagreement as to what they should do next. Barnabas continued the mission with John Mark as his companion. Who went to accompany Paul ?

7 – At a place called Derbe, what was the name of the local disciple who joined up with Paul as well ?

8 – What was the name of the famous woman who was a dealer in purple cloth who came from the city of Thyatira ?

9 – Much later Paul was arrested and taken before which Roman governor in Caesarea who kept him in prison there for 2 years ?

10 – Paul, as a Roman citizen requested to be tried by Caesar. On which island was he and his captors shipwrecked on the way to Rome ?

Answers to last week’s Easter quiz (all from Mark’s gospel:

1 – Bethany and Bethphage; 2 – doves; 3 – Simon the leper; 4 – the Passover lamb; 5 – all of them; 6 – Mount of Olives; 7 – Gethsemane;

8 – a kiss; 9 – Simon from Cyrene; and 10 – Joseph of Arimathea.

How did you do?